DSGN 410 Advanced Elective Design Studios

Once having completed the core comprehensive design curriculum in the first three years, in the fourth year students are encouraged to engage the city, both locally and globally, by taking one design studio at the Tulane City Center, and a second studio either as part of a semester abroad travel program or as an advanced elective studio. TCC studios, such as URBANbuild, will range in focus from urban design and landscape issues to housing and design-build. These studios, which provide a larger context for architecture, will introduce students to real projects that engage the fabric of the city while emphasizing the importance of professional service and social responsibility. In travel abroad programs (refer to section on International Study) students will have the opportunity to study architecture within foreign environmental contexts, to explore cities and individual buildings as complex cultural artifacts. Advanced elective studios, taught by both fulltime and visiting faculty, offer a range of topics and projects which explore a variety of architectural issues and areas of research. Students choose elective studios that suit their interests, needs and goals, in order to focus their studies while gaining experience within a broader cultural and disciplinary field. This concentration develops areas of expertise beneficial to future professional growth.