DSGN 310 Architecture Design Studio

The first semester of third year will introduce students to urbanism and the city, focusing on the larger environmental context for architectural design. The second semester of third year is the culmination of the required studio sequence and is fully integrated with coursework in history/theory, technology, visual/digital media and professional concerns. Architecture 320 provides an opportunity for the student to synthesize the skills and ideas developed through two and a half years of work and apply these to the comprehensive development of a design project. Students will engage in a complex architectural project situated within an urban environment. The studio will include analysis and design at the scale of the neighborhood or the city, as well as thorough and detailed design of a large building with a complex program. Emphasis is placed on a comprehensive process including the thorough analysis of site issues and architectural precedents, detailed design development of the project, and the coordination and integration of structural, environmental and material systems in the design-work. Students will also develop skills in programming, building information modeling and management, digital fabrication methods and the production of complex digital models and working drawings through fully integrated coursework which will act as a support for the design process.