DSGN 101 Research + Analysis

Implementation of a flexible yet rigorous framework within which students construct the theoretical concepts, research, and methodology for their upcoming design thesis project in the spring semester. Emphasis is on each students individual preparation for their final project, as guided through regular consultations with a thesis director, and through an acquaintance with other students progress. During the fall, students undertake the documentation, development and analysis of precedents, site, program, and technologies specific to their thesis and research topics as well as a set of strategies and methodologies that will direct their design projects. As a part of the preparation for their final thesis projects, students will also take an advanced level seminar in history/theory, technology, urban design or digital media concurrent with thesis research. The topics of these advanced classes will support the focus areas of thesis, research and integrated studios offered in each year. For the completion of 510, each student produces a substantial document consisting of a thesis precis, thorough documentation of the students individual research, the comprehensive development of an architectural program and site analysis, a proposed methodological framework consistent with the thesis research to guide the design process, and an annotated bibliography.

co-rec: (Advanced architectural elective in the students area of research).