ACCN 456 Professional Accounting Practicum

During the period January 1 April 15, students participate in a busy season internship with a Big 4 accounting firm or large local firm approved by the director of the BSM/MACCT joint-degree program. The workload is 40 hours to 80 hours per week under the direct supervision of one or more certified public accountants. It involves the same difficulty of work and training that any new full-time, new-hire receives when entering the firm. In addition, this course has two writing components. In the first, the student submits a five- to ten-page research paper on an auditing or tax-related topic (pre-approved by the program director) involving an actual problem encountered by the student during the internship. In the second writing component, the student keeps a journal of the students activities (without breaking the client/firm confidentiality requirements). This journal is to be a daily (preferable) or weekly (mandatory) task. It is to contain a description of activities accomplished, questions raised, and conclusions reached about what was learned for the day. This journal is submitted to the director of the program at the Freeman School, who will review and discuss it with the student. It must include time sheets (client info may be blocked out) and must be mailed to the director at least twice a month. In addition, students in this course will present at a technical meeting of the Beta Nu chapter of Beta Alpha Psi at the Freeman School concerning their experiences.

pre-rec: ACCN 410, ACCN 411, LGST 410 and TAXN 410, or instructor approval.