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Registration Policies and Procedures

All students must register by the last day to add classes for each semester. Students register on the web by accessing the TOUR (Tulane Online University Records) option found on the University Registrar’s website at This site also contains a link to the Schedule of Classes. Summer and Fall semester course offerings are available in March and Spring semester courses are available in November. The schedule is updated twice daily. The convenience of registration on the web coupled with the delivery of tuition bills via email greatly reduces the time each student must spend on campus dealing with administrative details. Students, however, must know that by registering they assume full financial responsibility for keeping the University informed of any address changes so that bills and priority registration materials may be delivered promptly.

Students should also be aware of the requirement to confirm attendance at the beginning of each semester. Notices will be emailed to all enrolled students when the confirmation option becomes available on TOUR. In addition, they must consult the academic calendar on the University Registrar’s webpage when adding or dropping courses once the term has begun. Failure to heed the dates set forth in the official calendar could result in academic or financial penalty.

Newly Admitted Students

Newly admitted students will receive by mail a packet which includes all the information materials needed to register for courses. The new student packet will indicate when the student may select classes, and it usually includes information on any kind of placement decision that is needed.

Students registering at Tulane for the first time are required to see his or her academic advisor before classes begin to make needed adjustments in the courses previously selected as well as to discuss academic options in general.

Address Changes

All students should provide the registrar with an up-to-date local address. It is the responsibility of the student to keep the university notified of any change in local or permanent address. Many of the important documents that students need are now sent to them using the addresses they provide. These include: priority registration materials, bills, (if requested via mail vs. email), and notices concerning academic action. It, therefore, is essential that any change in address be updated using the demographic information option on TOUR as soon as possible.



A student who has registered for a semester and plans to withdraw from the university must inform their academic advisor. After appropriate action has been completed with the Advising Center, confirmation of withdrawal will be sent to the student. The official date of the withdrawal must be approved by the associate dean of the College and usually is the date of formal notification. The withdrawal date is important for determining possible refunds. Students who officially have withdrawn from the university cannot reside on campus and must surrender their student identification cards at the time of withdrawal.

After the last day to drop courses, a student withdrawing from the university without adequate reason, will receive UW grades. A W grade will be recorded if withdrawal has been approved for medical reasons.


A withdrawal from courses for medical reasons requires an official letter of recommendation from a physician in the Student Health Center and the approval of the Newcomb-Tulane College dean’s office. Students needing a medical withdrawal should, if possible, report to their academic adviser and the dean’s office before going to the health service for an evaluation. Medical withdrawal letters issued by the Student Health Center should be delivered to the dean’s office within 48 hours after they are issued. Grades of W are assigned when a student withdraws from one or more courses for medical reasons after the last day to drop without record.

A partial medical withdrawal (from some but not all courses) or incomplete grades in one or more courses may be permitted upon the recommendation of the Student Health Center. Students requesting a partial medical withdrawal must confer with their academic adviser, who will confer with the associate dean, who makes the final decision on this matter. Withdrawals from individual courses for medical reasons after the published deadline for dropping a course will require supporting justification. Partial withdrawals are not given during the last two weeks of classes. The deadline for medical withdrawals from all courses is the last day of classes each term. Requests for retroactive medical withdrawals normally are not approved.

The university may require a medical clearance before a student can continue studies in a semester that begins subsequent to administrative action (leave of absence, voluntary withdrawal, extension of I grades, course-load reduction) that has been taken on behalf of the student for medical reasons.


A student may be required to withdraw from any course or from the university, temporarily or permanently, for any of the following reasons: possibility of danger to the health of the student or to that of other students if enrollment is continued; refusal to obey regulations; violation of the Honor Code or other serious misconduct; unsatisfactory class attendance; or work below the required scholastic standards.


The deadlines for the refund of full, three-quarter, one-half, or one-quarter tuition in any semester are listed in the academic calendar. Refunds are recommended by the Newcomb-Tulane College dean in strict accord with the calendar deadlines and only when withdrawals are official. No refunds will be granted after the one-quarter refund deadline.

The established deadlines are applicable under all conditions for withdrawal. University fees, including the student activity fee, are refundable only through the last day to register or add classes.