Women's Studies, B.A.

A major in womens studies consists of a minimum of 33 credits.

Three core courses are required:

The remaining courses must be selected from among those approved by the Womens Studies Program with the following distribution requirements:

A minimum of six credits from the subject area Humanities and Fine Arts and six credits from Social Sciences, with not more than nine credits in a single department. Normally, the elective courses are taken at the 300 level and above. A maximum of 12 credits taken to satisfy the college distribution requirement may be applied toward the major in women’s studies. Students electing women’s studies as one of two majors must complete all requirements for the women’s studies major and complete a total of at least 27 credits in different (non-overlapping) courses in the major.


Women’s Studies electives are to be selected from among the courses offered by cooperating departments and approved by the Women’s Studies Program Committee. In addition to the courses listed below, colloquia, independent studies, and special topics courses may be applied to the major or minor subject to approval. For complete information about these courses, consult the Schedule of Classes or obtain a current course description from the instructor.

Humanities and Fine Arts

Social Sciences

Science and Mathematics

Cell and Molecular Biology

Courses Offered by Other Schools



Public Health and Tropical Medicine