Studio Art, B.A.

For a bachelor of arts in studio art, the student must fulfill all general requirements as described in the liberal arts curriculum including those of the Newcomb-Tulane College core. In addition, the B.A. in studio art program requires a total of 45 credits. The B.A. requires 33 credits in studio courses including three courses from among six in the Foundations of Art Series. (If two foundations courses are taken in two-dimensional areas, the third must be taken in a three-dimensional area or vice-versa.) Also required are 105 and 106. Of the remaining 18 studio credits, at least 12 credits must be in one area beyond the 100 level and the remaining six credits may be in any other studio area above the 100 level. Also 12 credits in art history are required, these include Art History 101 and 102. No more than half of required studio and art history courses can be transferred into the degree program.