German, B.A.

All major programs in German are designed individually by the student in consultation with the designated departmental advisor. The major in German consists of at least 27 credits or nine courses beyond GERM 203 Intermediate German I. These courses are organized into two groups: I. foundational courses (four courses, 12 credits) and II. advanced courses (five courses, 15 credits), as outlined below. All German majors complete the foundational courses, before they select advanced courses according to two tracks: one language and literature track and one cultural studies track.

Group I. Foundational Courses (four courses, 12 credits)

Group II. Advanced Courses (five courses, 15 credits)

Four advanced courses at the 400- or 600-level and one Senior Seminar. The four advanced courses may include one course taught in English at the 300 level and two electives at the advanced level in a related field outside the department, e.g., courses in German art, history, music, philosophy, and politics. Students in the language and literature track take three of the advanced courses in literature and one in culture. Students in the cultural studies track take one of the advanced courses in literature and three in culture.