Film Studies, B.A.

Office: 219 Newcomb Hall
Phone: 504-865-5730
Fax: 504-862-3040

Program Administrator

Constance Balides, Communication (Director)

Faculty Associates

Ron Gural, Theater and Dance
Ana M. Lpez, Communication
Felicia McCarren, French and Italian
Tatjana Pavlovic, Spanish and Portuguese
Michael Syrimis, French and Italian
Molly Travis, English
N. Frank Ukadike, Communication

Visiting Lecturer

Kevin Esch, Communication

Program Description

Film Studies adopts a critical, theoretical and historical approach to the analysis of individual films and to the study of cinema as an institution. Both the major and minor programs assess film as a medium that employs specific formal strategies in the process of producing meanings, and they interrogate critical and theoretical debates about the significance of film as a cultural form and of cinema as an industrial and institutional practice. The program also investigates various national cinemas, extending the question of film and meaning to the historical developments and cultural contexts associated with the role of cinema in different countries. Film studies may be usefully combined with a range of other majors; and students are encouraged to integrate production oriented courses and programs with film studies.

A major in Film Studies requires the successful completion of ten film studies courses, seven of which should be at the 300 level or above. All students working toward the major will be required to take Communication 315 (Film Analysis) and Communication 486 (Film Theory) as well as an upper level capstone course during the senior year selected from designated special topics courses.

Electives may be selected from the list below. In the case of special topics courses (indicated with an asterisk) only film topics will be considered and approval of the Film Studies Director is required. Students should consult the Director regarding appropriate courses for the capstone seminar and should obtain approval from the Director for additional film courses not listed below.



For courses followed by an asterisk, film topics only are included.