Engineering Physics, B.S.

The major curriculum consists of the following requirements (90 credits total)

Mathematics: Four MATH courses including (13 credits minimum)

To be completed during the first two years of study

Basic Science: (22 credits)

First year of study

Second year of Study

Introduction to Design I and II: (6 credits)

Typically taken in the second year of study

General Engineering Courses: (12 credits)

Materials Science and Engineering: (3 credits)

Advanced Laboratory: (3 credits)

Nanoscience and Technology: Nanoscience and Technology: (3 credits)

Computation: (3 credits)

Seminar: (1 credit)

Contemporary topics: (3 credits)

One course chosen from among

Classical topics: (3 credits)

One course chosen from among

Engineering electives: (6 credits)

 Two courses chosen from among

Summer Design Internship: (6 credits)

Taken in the summer following the third year of study

Team Design Project and Professional Practice I and II: (6 credits)

Taken in the fourth year of study


Many intermediate and advanced courses in the program have prerequisites listed under the Basic Science and Mathematics categories; several of the allowed electives may have additional prerequisites. Many of the required and elective courses may not be offered every year. Students must work closely with the departmental undergraduate advisor to develop an individualized schedule of courses that fits their needs and interests, while satisfying all of the above requirements along with the university’s core requirements for graduation.