Dance Minor

Tulane students participate in many dance activities while working toward degrees in other fields and may also minor in dance.

A minor in dance consists of a minimum of 22 credits as follows:

In addition to these courses, the minor has the following requirements:

Minors must be enrolled in a technique class and must reach the 400 level in either ballet or modern dance technique at least two semesters before graduation. Minors must continue to be enrolled for credit in advanced ballet or modern technique through graduation and must reach the intermediate level in the other dance form. Note: a minimum of two semesters of ballet and a minimum of two semesters of modern dance are required. Minors must dance in two Newcomb Dance Program concerts before graduation.

* Students who demonstrate proficiency at the intermediate technique level III in modern dance or ballet (380, 382) will be placed at level IV (480, 482). Each of these courses may be repeated for credit.