Coordinate - Digital Media Production

New Orleans is quickly becoming a major center for digital media production, particularly film. Currently, there are unparalleled opportunities for students to become a part of this fast growing industry.

The mission of the coordinate undergraduate major in digital media production is to educate students in the art, craft, and technology of film, television, video, animation and sound production. The program will offer intensive, hands-on production experience, coupled with a broad exposure to the liberal arts. Goals and objectives include the development of individual talent and skills within a collaborative working environment. We want to encourage students to become creative and thoughtful practitioners in the world of media. We will also support a strong internship program offering a wide range of options for pre-professional experience and provide venues for the presentation and promotion of student work.

The coordinate major in digital media production is an interdisciplinary, 30-credit program in music, theatre, communication, and English consisting of the following courses:

Required Courses


One course (3 credits) from the following: