Cell and Molecular Biology, B.S.


Students majoring in cell and molecular biology must complete a minimum of ten courses in the biology component, totaling at least 22 credits, 16 credits in chemistry (one year of both general chemistry with laboratories 107/117, 108/118 or H109/H111, H110/H112 and organic chemistry with laboratories 241/243, 242/244, or H245/H247, H246/H248), and eight credits of physics with laboratories (121, 122 or 131, 132). Students intending to pursue graduate studies are advised to include a course in probability and statistics.

Course Work

To fulfill the biology component, all students must complete:

Students with an AP score of 5 will have the choice between receiving credit for:

Or receiving credit for:


(Students with an AP score of 5 who opt to receive credit for CELL 103/106 will be allowed to take [[permalink=9|tooltip]]CELL 211[[/permalink]] concurrently with CELL 101). Students with an AP score of 4 will receive credit for CELL 103/106.

In addition to 101, all students must complete:

And Either

Students must also complete either:

And one course from

Additional Course Work

An additional three elective courses are required, with at least two of the three being laboratory oriented and one must be an approved capstone course. One course involving independent laboratory research, either H491, H492, 495, 496, H499 or H500 may be used as a laboratory oriented course in the electives requirement. Students may use approved courses from other departments to fulfill the elective component. A list of courses which fulfill the elective requirement and the capstone requirement is available from the cell and molecular biology department.