Biomedical Engineering, B.S.E.

The Biomedical Engineering curriculum is continuously evolving with the field. Below, we provide the curriculum for the Class of 2012. Up-to-date curricula for each class can be found at

Freshman Year, Semester One: 18 Hours

Freshman Year, Semester Two: 18 Hours

Sophomore Year, Semester One: 17 Hours

Sophomore Year, Semester Two: 18 Hours

Junior Year, Semester One: 16 Hours

Junior Year, Semester Two: 15 Hours

Senior Year, Semester One: 13 Hours

Senior Year, Semester Two: 12 Hours


* Students are required to take a 1-hour “service learning” course before the end of the Sophomore year

** One Professional Elective must be a BMEN6xx advanced class, following up on a BMEN3xx domain class

Domain Classes

Five different “Domain” classes are offered during the Junior year to introduce current research areas in Biomedical Engineering. Each student chooses at least two from this list: